01. 2012

I wasn’t expecting to use an iPod to write about the first few hours of the year; by no means do I intend to brag about this device either. Yet truthfully, this li’l computer has become ‘handy’ (all pun intended!) in times when a tragedy such as desktop computer suddenly bogged.

New Year’s eve was okay. Spent time with my Manila family with delectable eats on the dinner table. Started with a prayer before gorging on the feast. Simple, quaint company but lovely nonetheless. It wasn’t like it used to be: imagine the size of the Home Alone cast, then double it. That’s how it was in this compound. But changes do happen and what once was a large clan under one compound has been divided in three major countries: USA, Australia and Philippines. C’est la vie.

After dinner comes the tradition of catch up conversations and anticipating for fireworks. Then, nearly 12 midnight, my lovely grandmother prepares coins to throw in almost every corner of the house while we delightfully collect whatever is thrown our way.

We had an early conclusion of the (mid)night as everyone seem to be sleepy or tired. As for me, I had a photoshoot with my pal around 10 am later, then church with my boyfriend. Sweet.

New year can be simple, peaceful and wonderful, all at the same time. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Well, now that we’ve mentioned it, I’d really rather be blogging with my desktop. I like my iPod but touch screen can be slower and hard.

Happy new year everyone!


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