wi-fi on board

DAY 26 – Currently on my way out of Manila, and testing the wi-fi here in the bus.

(& I thought it was just a signage service. Sorta’ like lip service.)

We sure did come a long, long way in terms of technology. Who would’ve thought we can access information just about anywhere other than our homes, offices and other immobile spaces? I know I sound like I’ve been locked in a time capsule; but still, it amazes me that Internet extends service for mobile vehicles such as this one.

Pfft. Now I’m tempted to check my work e-mail. Must…not.

After all, I’m on leave and about to embark somewhere outside my city. I’m so looking forward for tonight. Crossing fingers the weather will be kind.


early riser much?

DAY 24 –  Even before the sun came to rise, I already did.

I had cereal and coffee to fuel me up first day of my morning shift, after a month of being nocturnal. I have a week to adjust my body clock before my boss and my co-supervisor visits Manila for business.


Time does fly fast. It felt like January passed me by with loads’o-work and less social life!

Good thing I’ll make it up this coming February: I have yet to organize my other projects and itineraries as my mom is going to visit, along with the rest of my aunts, uncle and my newlywed cousin. Hmmm. Probably the reason why I feel like waking up from bed, so early, and ready myself for work (the thing I like about flexible schedule!)

Woohoo! Sure does feel good to be back!


DAY 21 –  Keeping a daily record of your life can be quite challenging, mostly when you feel like sleeping the instance you get home.

Getting off track the goal. Now, that’s one easy.

To think that I’m not through with one month and here I go with my (sorta’) whining. Haha! Thus, I only have two choices:

a. To suck it up like a man. OR

b. Act like a girl and whine.

So for an alpha female like myself (your thoughts define you!), I choose letter a.

Today was my “crunch” time: I have a project to finish at work before I transition to morning. On top of that, I also have other responsibilities that are marked as priority. C’est la vie.

You either crack or keep composure. I usually am the latter when I’m silent.

When pressure seems to be mounting up, I’d rather tune out myself & go on with business: check e-mails, assess my workload for the day, check additional workloads to either take on/ delegate, track deadlines, remind deadlines to team, administer and the like.

In a way, this kind of challenge makes life more vivid & beautiful. While it is, again, human nature to oftentimes whine about their work, there’s still the remaining part of statistics that are thankful. Don’t get me wrong; I do (complain) at times. Yet, productivity seem to skyrocket when I just go about my work instead of complain.

Now, that’s the kind of achievement I’d go for.

To do what I’m doing right now for a year or so is another question. People evolve. I believe this is the part wherein the term “growth” is appropriate. I believe in life’s chapters. Whether this one is to continue or not in the said years, let’s just wait and see.

I’m always on the lookout for adventures. (-: