Tax Season Begins.

So does the year.

Woke up as early as 7am today to assist my brother in filing RPTs (Real Property Taxes) for my parents. A less organized Manila City Hall welcomed us this morning as probably (more or less) a hundred of people filed for their RPTs to get 20% discount. It disappoints me how we made little progress (hello, government!) sans what we hear about our country’s economic development. Hah!

Then again, I myself contradicted the ‘stereotyping’ of such. Turns out, after Manila taxes, we headed over south — Cabuyao (Laguna) in particular. I love how everything there is way more organized compared to a city like Manila. Government staff were more accommodating than where I grew up with. That, of course, makes me sad. And probably bummed out for my city.
Glad that the second day of 2012 has been productive. I’ve learned how to pay RPTs. So that’s kind of an ‘upper’ for me. (-: Now, I know it could’ve been more productive only if my desktop computer is working. I don’t wanna fret but seriously, my personal projects have been on halt since.

And FYI, I’m now using my phone for blog updates. I’m looking forward wherein mobile devices such as this would one day have Photoshop, Lightroom and all the design/ image software. (NOTE: I found a Photoshop Express APP for my mobile device! AAA;SDFJASLDFJA;SDFJAFJA — Translating to YAYYYYYYY!)

Then again, nothing beats the touch of a Wacom tablet, a monitor and a keyboard. Mmmm.

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