A Requiem

This goes to my desktop who has been so ‘helpful’ as of late

The good: I was able to bring the CPU by myself using public tranpo. No hassle! The bad: I got there to find out PC Klinik, Inc is closed. :/ The ugly: None. I’d like to think I did a less than 10-minute cardio and weights for the day.

I’m once again, a day without a desktop at home. Later at night, at least, I’ll be at the office reunited once again with a computer, even if only for eight hours.

My computer has been purchased way back 2009 2007.It has served me well… until now. I felt a huge loss of a weekend with my personal projects lined (and piling) up, just thinking about it drives me nuts. Oh well. I’d like to whine about it the whole day and nobody would give a damn about it.

So I move on. Let today be another day.


qu'est-ce que c'est?

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