Death and Hope

Yesternight, I received three news of death, people I do not know of personally yet close to my friends.

Another realization of how life quickly passes by. Sure, there are days when life seem to be a drag. Worse, days when we just want everything to be over and done with. But life is indeed beautiful. Just one of those things I’m forever grateful for.

Life is made to be beautiful by the people I know. People I laugh and cry with, live at peace and at war (then at peace), share my joys and sorrows, among many other things. Life brings forth, oftentimes, inexplicable gratitude for the Higher Being. After all, God as the Higher Being created us all.

Then death comes along… which brings us once more to the beginning of the cycle. I wish to elaborate more of this, at most as to what I understand. Maybe another time wherein I am not in a rush to prepare myself for work.

I can only pray that when we are in this kind of situation, when death gives us a ‘smack’ of reality, let’s counter it with hope… Hope that in every end is a fresh new start. Faith and love to follow, knowing God has the master plan for what is happening in our lives.

And so I quote a Christian song playing while I write this, “Life’s too short so let’s begin.”


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