All Day-er

DAY 2 – Aside from the ‘all-nighter’ I managed to pull off Friday (night shift at work), lo and behold! I’m still awake.

And I blame it on finding the perfect medic pillow. Investing in a pillow seem to be shallow but as of late, sleeping is as important as breathing to me (like the rest of the world, I suppose!). Going on a night shift/ day shift schedule triggers a significant change in my body clock and for me to sleep, at least 6-8 hours, is very important. Health issues, what can I say?

So I bought this one: Visco Pro TM, Contour CoolMax® Medic Pillow. A cheaper alternative for Tempur®.

In as much as I’m dying to buy a Tempur® brand of medic pillow, my friend and I just couldn’t afford to spare an amount more than twice the price as CoolMax®.  Thankfully, we bumped into a cheaper (but not really cheap if you ask me!) alternative over Dimensione store.

Let’s hope it works in helping me get a good sleep. Because right now, I’m lying on it. (-:

Gotta’ catch some buzzzzzzz. Happy weekend everyone! It’s only 6pm and I’m about to end my Saturday.

Sunday awaits.


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