Not Quite Finished

DAY 3- Ever since I got my computer back,  I suddenly felt overwhelmed with my “To-Do Lists”. Photos, in particular.

December 2011 was quite eventful — starting with portrait shoots, parties and a wedding. I have them all lined up, yet ironically, feels like I don’t know where to start.

So instead, I went ahead with blogging, managing my WordPress account and see if I can learn more of how to customize the look and feel of my blog. Oh dear. I felt so left behind with what’s happening on line!

But before I start to bore you with my seemingly large problems, let’s take a quick look of my banner:

© Patrick Rivera

I am always fascinated on how I would look like with red lipstick. Quite surprisingly, a MAC make-up artist recommended the perfect shade: Ruby Woo. I like it. The color gives an instant glow even without applying other make-up. And as expected, the ‘boyfriend’ hates it. …which leads me to the other reason why I like it. Hahaha!

So I decided to include it in my latest shoot. Only this time, I AM the model. ‘Matched THE red lipstick with lace and pearls, with a Damask background for more drama and there we go! A Moulin Rouge kind of feel.

Okay, it’s eight minutes before midnight. Whew!

And I thought I wouldn’t make the 8th entry. Now, now… I need to end my blogging and start with the photos. Must finish them all before the end of month.

(…then I feel overwhelmed again!)


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