Overlooked Like Crazy

DAY 5- Browsing through Yahoo and came across this article.

Completely not the reason why I logged in the computer; currently, I’m sending over pictures to a client/ friend whose portrait images I took last month. And while my next agenda is to look for pegs for this Sunday’s photo shoot, I came across the said article and I start to wonder: Where can I get a copy of this film?

I saw the trailer for Like Crazy last year. Unfortunately for me, my search for any local theaters (possibly) releasing this film was a total fail. It wasn’t shown in any theaters around Manila or at least, not that I know of.

Like Crazy is part of the London Film Festival held last year. While the storyline seem simple — about a young university couple who fell in love and challenged to maintain their long distance relationship — I still am intrigued how this indie film (shot in a Canon 7D) managed to get rave reviews from film critics.

That and my longing to watch sappy, romantic girl films.


Stalling with my TO-DO list. Anyway..

So I’m almost done with the sending-the-files part… Next, the pegs! Ack!!! I miss doing photoshoots! I’m crossing fingers I’ll take great (if not, good will absolutely do!) images.


qu'est-ce que c'est?

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