how gwen stefani rocked my world

DAY 9 – The other night at work,  my office mate played this on his track list:

Then all memories re-surfaced why I think Gwen Stefani is at her MOST-est during the 90s.

(Not to take her No Doubt band mates for granted; in fact, my admiration grows for the rest of the guys who never had second thoughts having a female vocalist for their group. For the meantime, let me just focus on Gwen.)

Gwen paved the way for female vocalists during the 90s. Her seemingly innocent eyes, combined with eccentric fashion sense (Hel-lo?! Did you see her videos?!) and rockin’ attitude caught the attention of the world. There was is something about her persona OR the fact that time, music lovers such as yours truly became satiated with the grunge era where male vocalists rule over (and again..nothing against anyone! ‘Just saying it’s human nature.)

Subjective as it is, she’s the first person that crosses my mind each time I hear keywords such as 90s Bands, or Female Rock Vocalists. I like how Ska was revived and mashed up with Rock. The formula worked. By year 2008 (?), No Doubt went mainstream, thanks to their Tragic Kingdom album. I remember how most people I know in high school owned a cassette/ CD of their band (Haha! No MP3s/ iPod yet!)

Back in those days, most of the time I was just tuned in MTV. And every time a video related to No Doubt goes on, I JUST HAD to watch it — from making the video, to interview, to the music videos itself.  What can I say? My world revolved around school, home, friends and music.


Nothing mainstream goes to mind that can quite compare to the vocal chords and personality of Gwen. I miss her and her band mates from No Doubt. I’m still hoping they would have a world tour and come across Philippines. Again, a girl can dream.

No doubt (all pun intended!), NOTHING COMPARES.


qu'est-ce que c'est?

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