DAY 14 – Imagine a world without free knowledge.

When I saw this popped in my screen, it dawned to me how significant it is to quickly access information via online sites such as this. Sometimes, I automatically type in the words Wikipedia just to search for quick information about a topic or two. Although the site doesn’t fully provide the data I need to completely understand something, it does serve a gateway to further research on other sites (via its links at the bottom of each ‘topic’).

After all, we sure have come a long, long way from this:

Source: Free Software Magazine

I don’t have a voice to the US Congress regarding its ongoing legislation concerning this; regardless of, I still have a voice. A say concerning this matter, as part of the global netizens. Sure, it is as equally alarming that the world today seem to have the access to almost all information. But it is part of the change that is happening.

In the end, everyone should learn to self-regulate when it comes to the sites they visit, and understand that good ethics shouldn’t be left behind once they go online.

When information gets censored or even suppressed in the process, especially by a government…now, imagine that.


qu'est-ce que c'est?

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