bravery in silence

DAY 15 – ‘Was suppose to sleep early for a meeting later, but turns out I had the ‘time’ to watch this:

Stockett’s #1 NY Times Bestseller “The Help” Movie Adaptation

I’ve been meaning to watch this since last year, but haven’t got the opportune time to do so. Then came now. I saw this available for online streaming; thus, the blog entry.

The movie revolves around an aspiring writer, Skeeter (portrayed by Emma Stone) and her hometown, Jacksonville Ole Miss (issipi) way back 1960s — wherein white Southern households have colored domestic servants. A period wherein there is a law that separates white and non-white people; obviously, discrimination was on an all-time high.

Skeeter has gone back from the city, and into her hometown to gain experience in a local newspaper company. In the process of doing so, she realized that not much changed (as emphasized via the lives of her “post” sorority girlfriends), particularly when it comes to treating the town’s colored housemaids.

Not much has changed alright… until she created one.


Along with Aibeleen, Minny & several housemaids who were willing to share their experiences from their job, Skeeter was able to pull off a book called “The Help”. The published book soon became a source of scandalous stories from the lives of the people in fictional Niceville (Jacksonville) and how they (mal)treat their household help. The people, on the other hand, that Skeeter referred to in her book were her post-sorority girlfriends under various aliases.


I love how the protagonist (Skeeter) chose to stand up for what she believes in (that and the fact that she wants to advance her career) despite the luxury of her not to even care. After all, she’s one of the white Southern households. But she has always got a soft spot for housemaids (find out why when you see the movie) and has the personality to go for what she believes in.

Before I further divulge each and every detail of the book (READ: total spoiler, of which I am not!), I just have to say that the movie is heartwarming, universal and inspiring. Anyone who sees this, at some point, can relate.

(And look out for Hilly-slash-antagonist & her pie in the movie! Hilarious!)

Here’s the movie trailer:


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