burps and blahs

DAY 16 – Let’s start with the blah #1.

Blah because I haven’t slept for 23 hours and 45 minutes to be exact. I just came home from Fort Taguig to avail the buffet voucher which is set to expire in three days. You’ve read it right — compromise sleep for gorging over a feast.

Hah. At least I’m doing it with the one I love. o_O

(Now onto the burps we go…)

burp #1 – The buffet was in Best Western Premier F1 Hotel. We decided to go for lunch since I’m trying to avoid stuffing myself crazy, especially during nighttime. Soon as we got up the 5th floor, a warm welcome from the receptionist greeted us. We were escorted to our table and boy, was it a visual feast: we were strategically situated, food wise, in the area. It was so easy to go to-and-fro our table. (Woohoo!)

If you ask me which dish was memorable, I would have to say the roast beef-on-cart, served to us personally by one of their chefs. I haven’t taken any pictures of what I gorged upon (sorry, no SLR on hand) but it mainly compromises of sashimi, sushi, salmon, tuna, alongside the basics*.

The "basics" and the rest, Source: http://www.ensogo.com.ph

*Compromises EDIT: Includes the usual chicken, beef, pork dishes. Hah. See how sleepy I was!

(And yes, after all that has been consumed, my stomach still has space for desserts. Que horror.)

What can I say? I’m a sucker for buffets. At least occasionally.

Sulit eh!

At the end of our food adventure, we went over High Street next.  I saw Top Shop was on sale, then I got excited. Then I also saw Muji was on sale. Then another one… and another one… until I suddenly realized (almost) ALL stores have a sale sign upfront.  So I shrugged off the whole idea of getting excited and moved on like nothing happens to me when stores go on sale (READ: impulse buying).

Fulfilled that I made it! :o) …until we went to Jamba Juice :0( Now that’s burp #2

Jamba! Camera Shot

Sigh. Writing this entry makes me imagine how all the meat, veggies and sweets are now partying in my ‘overcrowded’ tummy. I can only think about the calories I have to burn (LOTS OF IT!) to get my normal weight back. Best believe it, it’ll take quite a loooooonnnnggggg time.

Then I go back to blah #2-blah#3-blah#4. And off to sleep.


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