Food Trip of the Month: Penpen’s Resto at Cubao X.

A year or two ago, this restaurant was included in my “bucket” list. But time passed me by, and so did my mental to-do eat list. The craving only resurrected from the depths of my brain when my boyfriend and I watched Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story early this month. One of the supporting actors in the film, Ping Medina, is the owner of the said bistro.

Thus, the food trip entry.

We were suppose to eat there two Sundays ago. However, our main challenge was the location: Where do we find it & how can we get there?  Thanks to technology, I mustered enough courage to tweet Ping-the-owner-Medina to ask where his restaurant is.

Good for me, he was kind enough to reply (Thanks, Ping!)

@penpensresto (taken from a mobile camera)

Penpen’s Resto was originally located at Tomas Morato. However, with an artsy concept such as his (bistro), it was only fitting that they transferred over to Cubao X (Viva La Vie Bohème!). The area is a perfect haven for musicians, artists or just about anyone who wants to take on a different scene aside from malls, malls and yes, more malls. (Cubao X is better left for another entry).

I digress.

I instantly fell for the place, celebrity aside. The industrial interior was embedded with B+W vintage Pinoy movie posters & a bright red wall. I liked how it worked altogether. True enough, the simplistic-artistic approach of the place is countered by the variety of scrumptious Filipino dishes they serve.

(Clockwise) Ensalada, 3-Cheese Baked Bangus Belly, Kalabasa Soup, Chicharon Isaw w/ Pinakurat


I thought these wouldn’t fill us up but boy was I wrong! The soup and the fish itself was heavy on the tummy! I was already full by the time my plate was halfway. (This is the part wherein a guy companion-slash-boyfriend comes in handy: they finish the rest of the dishes!)

Up until the very end, the restaurant never fails to amaze me.

See how they presented our bill:

Penpen's version of Pandora's box. Only WAYYYY better!

In the most teenybopper-ish tone you could ever imagine…

I ❤ Penpen’s.

They do, after all, reinvent the Filipino food experience. One amazing dish at a time.


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