23. so, how’s it going?

Monday blues. Last night shift for the month.

Next week, I’ll start my leave as a night time creature.

Hel-lo sunlight!


SOURCE: Beauty and the Beast 3D

I was browsing through Yahoo! Movie Trailers yesterday when I found out that Disney has released my favorite (cartoon) movie in 3D! Excited! I’m not sure if they will release it in the Philippines; but in one way or another, I’m bound to get a DVD copy of this!

This is the only Disney cartoon classic I’ve never outgrown. Seriously! There’s something about the love story of Belle and the Beast: their love-hate relationship, the idea of Belle gradually falling for someone perceived to be “out of her league”. Not to mention, the musical performance of a candlestick, a clock, a teapot and a cup (among many others!).

& the soundtrack? Let me just say that the music was superb! For some reason, my cassette soundtrack was always on play when I was a kid. Almost twenty years later, I’m happy to say that I still know the song lyrics of each track.

And since I’m going down memory lane, & reminiscing my childhood, it’s a no brainer that my playlist now is >>

PLAYLIST: Grooveshark.com


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