1. Out of clutter, find simplicity. 2. From discord, find harmony. 3. In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity

Three Rules of Work, Albert Einstein

DAY 20 – My last week of graveyard schedule seems  forever. Ironically, once I come in the office, time just pass me by. Everyday, the 8-hour work routine came by a breeze and lo & behold! I’m in a cycle.

Weird? My thoughts exactly.

My body’s getting attuned (and whiny!) with my nocturnal schedule as of late.

I can feel my body complaining, starting with my skin. Since last week, pimples sprouted on my face like there’s no tomorrow. Okay, okay. I’m exaggerating, alright. But still, the thought of gradually collecting pimples isn’t my idea of “fun”. Let alone, these annoying crits *peempol, peempol, peempoooooollllll* proudly prancing on my face.

Quite obvious, my lack of sleep contributed to this shallow dilemma. The beauty regimen which I found effective before doesn’t help anymore. Oh no, it doesn’t.

Then there’s my brain. No, I’m not going psychotic; but you see, I feel sleepy and not sleepy at the same time. Impossible? Apparently not. That even as I type this words, I couldn’t care less about the birds chirping a lullaby for me. I still have a lot going on, in terms of my mental to-do list, which leaves me restless even if my body aims to dump itself on the bed. Or on the floor. It just wants itself dumped, that’s all.

Or maybe because (I know in my head that) I only got a couple more days before I welcome back sunshine at work along with all the giddy morning stuff. Ah yessss… the tragedy of looking forward to something that’s almost there, but certainly not quite. Sigh.

How can you measure patience?

In my case, I can confidently say by the number of days left before I transition to day schedule.

Like, three days more. Woohooooo!!!

(I certainly LOVEEEEE countdowns!)


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