steak paradise

DAY 23 – I LITERALLY drooled while I was watching this food featured over TLC’s Steak Paradise:


Seriously, how crazy is that?!

Pat’s King of Steaks ® is considered a landmark in Philadelphia, and a food pilgrim for those in search for gastronomic adventures. They have been in the neighborhood since the 1930s; thus, gaining a household name for steak sandwiches. The preparation is simple: you order (using their local jargon), they prepare the food in five seconds or less, you pay at the counter and enjoy!

I remembered that this local food stop has also featured President Obama couple years ago over CNN:

President Obama at Pat's

Obviously, I haven’t tried it (as I have yet to set foot in the US!), but for some reason their cheese steak got me drooling than that of Geno’s, a tough competitor of  Pat’s (est. 1966, also featured in the show, and just across Pat’s).

Food War? Watch:

Ahhhh…. The things a silly mouth would do for food, considering I was watching this right after breakfast.


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