DAY 29 Remember last Tuesday when I headed south? Well, I went to watch a band perform live here:

Care to Know Who Performed?

It was a celebration overdue; I availed my birthday leave 25 days later, as I was greeted with a catalog and a deadline beginning of the year. During that period, it was impossible challenging to take a day off.  Thus, the need to wait for me to revert to morning shift and (finally) go to 19East.

Freestyle, 2012

The band last Tuesday night was none other than Freestyle, a popular Filipino band during the late 90s-early 2000s. They were  known for their original ballad hits such as Before I Let You Go, This Time & So Slow, only to name a few. With their distinct contemporary ballad/ RNB style during the said era, they surely made their mark in the OPM Music history.

I have been a fan since then.

I saw them perform live once or twice during the height of their career;  several years passed, I still am on the lookout for their next big hit. For the time being, to watch them (again) perform live will suffice.

I digress.

Came 10pm, the band started to perform. It was no surprise that I only saw one familiar face from the original band, Tat Suzara, who is the lead guitarist.  Jinky Vidal, their female vocalist, was not around & was substituted by a singer named Drizzle.

As years went by, a new lineup of band members emerged. Their style adapted to the changing times. Nonetheless, they still deliver quality music.

They had two sets of performance. First set was mainly cover songs from both local and foreign acts. Thirty minutes later, they came back to the stage.

And their second set? Now that’s the Freestyle talkin’ singin’. They started to perform their original hits and to my surprise, eventually called to stage their original male vocalist, Top Suzara! Just when I was about to get up from my seat and walk out the bar (it was nearly 1am and I still have work in a few hours!), there he was soulfully singing Before I let You Go. Then my feet froze and I just had to stay for a song or two. Or three, I think.

South's Music Haven

We left the music bar around 1am-ish…and we left satisfied, doing what we came for: to relax and enjoy good music. Definitely a night to remember. Thankfully, music bars such as 19East provide an intimate haven for music lovers, like myself. It is the place to be if  you want to watch your favorite band perform live at their MOST-est.


2 thoughts on “southbound

    • iamjhenny says:

      yep! they’re really cool. i think they’re going to release a new album anytime soon, but for the meantime, check their Live @19 East album.

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