oh goody(ies!)

DAY 30 –  Just recently, I had my retail fix at SM, our country’s largest chain of shopping malls. It has been a while since I shoe-shopped (Okay, so “a while” was 3-4 weeks ago). Nevertheless, relinquishing the feeling of retail therapy has never been this good… like NEVER! Do you wanna know why?

Want to Find Out Why?

I didn’t spend A SINGLE PESO.

I had a benefactor whose heart is as big as the shoe down Marikina Museum. In as much as I’m dying to divulge my benefactor’s name, IT (to protect the gender) wants to remain anonymous. (If you’re reading this, my Benefactor Anonymous, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!)

There now, pretty much the reason why my recent mall adventure was pleasantly memorable. Definitely blogworthy.

Now onto my retail fix…

I’m a fan of comfortable flats, it’s no wonder it was the style I aimed for. If you check out my closet, most colors are earthy and classic (READ: Brown, Green, Black, White, Gray). A self-proclaimed practical, I find them easier to match with everyday outfits.

So this time, I decided to break the monotony. No second thoughts whatsoever, I went for this:

My Reddest of Shoes

Too lovely for me, but whatever. I LIKE IT! The ribbon accent compliments the color, plus the insole completes the whole fiery-floral feel of it. My only dilemma left is to figure out what to match with these cuties. (Note to self: assess wardrobe) Ah basta! My aim is to make them POP! once I wear them.

End of shopping? Heck nooooo!

As Benefactor Anonymous has room for one more pair (YAY!), I picked up this one, too:

Of Brown and Patterns

Brown and earthy? Yes… but the twist lies in its texture and pattern. Most of my flats have solid colors, I revert to the reason of breaking the monotony. Now, now, this is easier to match with almost any outfit. Though it may not gain much attention like the red pair, it will still keep my wardrobe interesting with its cohesive color patterns.

This shopping experience is definitely one of this month’s highlights. I couldn’t be happier with my FREE purchasean irony I would definitely go for anytime.


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