cover girl

DAY 32 – Taylor Swift graces the cover of US Vogue’s February Issue:

© Mario Testino

I’m not a big Taylor Swift fan; I don’t know the complete lyrics of her songs nor do I own any copy of her albums. However, I admit that I appreciate most of her songs that went mainstream. Add the fact that she has this sweet, angelic look highly appealing to a wide audience.

Then came this month’s cover.

To see her get featured in a high fashion magazine is a different thing; to be in a Vogue cover – US Edition no less – only shows that Swift is definitely at the height of her career. Amazing how a prestige fashion team can create a 180-degree look for an American Sweetheart such as her.

© Mario Testino

Oh, and did I mention that Mario Testino is her photographer? Awesome.

© Mario Testino

I can’t wait to get my copy. 🙂

More photos here.


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