people portrait: celeste

DAY 31 – Officially part of my People Portrait Series, I now present Celeste.

A lawyer whose heart is geared towards serving the people, Celeste’s affluence reflected on camera. I had a splendid time during our shoot as there was only us (plus Manong Guard!) in the location*. We weren’t restrained to move around to take photos and do poses.

Celeste was a high school classmate in UST Pay High. To say the least, she is one of our batch’s top notchers — talk about beauty and brains combined! Although we belong to different clicks, we somehow found a common ground to connect. She is a down-to-earth person, you wouldn’t feel intimidated when you’re around her!

I wouldn’t linger much on this; bottom line, I’m honored that she entrusted me to take her photos. (If you’re reading this ‘Ete, thanks for being one of the “first”)

I have several top picks from this series, but for now, this one will do. Stay tuned!

*Ateneo, Rockwell


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