DAY 35 – I’ve never been a fan of anything related to revenge, counterinsurgency, vengeance and the like. I’m a firm believer that a Higher Being such as God can vindicate a person of his wrongdoings. Thus, we must not take the matter into our own hands.

Ironically though, I’m hooked with this Count of Monte Cristo’s inspired-show:


I have an underlying curiosity on how a person, filled with bitterness & hate, can have so much passion to seek vengeance… all to the point of being heartless or numb. It fascinates me how someone can do almost anything or use everyone around her to reach her end goal: vendetta.

That is how the TV Series, Revenge, is plotted.

The story focuses on a young lady named Emily Thorne (portrayed by Emily VanCamp) who return to the Hamptons after so many years, to navigate her way back to the “upper society”. Originally Amanda Clarke, she changed her name as part of a grander plan to avenge the imprisonment (and imposed death) of his father.

More reasons for her retribution is revealed on each episode, which for me (as a viewer), is quite intriguing. I admire how each and every detail of the show somehow makes it way back to connect with the previous (episodes).

Still, at the back of my head, lies the idiom on how “curiosity killed the cat”. It may kill me to over-think about this vengeful whims, alright; but to say the least, the fascination is satisfied.

Oh well.

Then I revert back to my reality that the show is fictional and exaggerated for entertainment. Or at least I’m hoping it is… I just couldn’t imagine personally knowing someone who has the capability to do what Emily (That’s Miss Thorne to you!) does in the show.

Looking forward to later’s episode, Perception:

I wonder what Emily’s up to this time.

qu'est-ce que c'est?

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