the big in small packages

DAY 36 –  Tuesday morning at work, I received a nifty package containing “goodies” and sample products for our team. To add joy to all the corporate pressies, there was a packet for me which enclosed these:

Aaacckkkk!! A Two Kutless posters autographed by the band members themselves!!! There, I couldn’t have said “typed” my excitement better!

The posters were given by my co-supervisor from our US head office. It was October last year when I first met her, &  to remember a detail such as this (band I like)?! It REALLY IS something.

As if her thoughtfulness wasn’t cool enough, dig this: she is friends with the band’s drummer! Just how cool is that?! Six degrees of separation, much?

To those who aren’t aware, Kutless is a Christian rock band from Portland, Oregon. They are in the music scene for more than ten years and to date, has produced six albums. My boyfriend introduced their music to me and I have been a fan since. Their hit songs include Sea of Faces, It is Well, Remember Me, Strong Tower, to name a few.

They held a Manila concert last year, of which I obviously was present to and enjoyed.  To hear them perform live was such an overwhelming & meaningful experience. I wouldn’t mind watching them again if they plan to visit anytime soon.

Here is one of my favorite videos, Shut Me Out:

To my dear colleague, THANK YOU! Soooooooo MUCH! 🙂


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