the day he ran for mangroves

(DAY 37)

5th of February, 530H – As I delighfully concentrate in my sleep, somewhere down south, my boyfriend had his head start by running for the Condura Skyway Marathon:

I Ran the Skyway. I Helped Build A Mangrove Forest.

Amazing how his determination helped him finish the 10-kilometer run. Mind you, he registered not just because of what the marathon stands for, nor to be classified as one of the bandwagon-ers. More than anything, he set a lifestyle challenge for himself.

It all started with that one day when he realized he wanted to be healthy and started jogging around their neighborhood.

I admire people like that — People who are driven to make a positive change, like focusing on health for instance. True enough, when you rightfully set your heart to something, everything else follows.

It should be valid reason for me to nudge myself some more, health-wise. The last marathon I joined was mid-2010. Kinda’ sucks because somewhere along the way, I deviated my focus from a healthy lifestyle: exercise became infrequent, alarming preference of junk food, less consciousness of food intake.

Because honestly? I MISS RUNNING. Yet, when my mind thinks of doing so, my body feels otherwise. I feel such a slug as it really has been quite a while. I noticed that without proper exercise, I’m prone to sickness and oftentimes, get easily tired… not good for the long-term. Now, that sucks big time.

So how do I once again “keep track”?

We are planning to join a marathon next month, for starters. Obviously, I would be a total loser if I run on the actual date without any form of preparation. I guess, to ignite my desire to run, I should re-assess my health condition, my currently lifestyle and what goal/s I want to achieve.

A little more inspiration is all I need to begin.


2 thoughts on “the day he ran for mangroves

  1. I just started running again yesterday. It has been over a decade and something just clicked in my brain. I have never wanted to do something more. I only ran for 15 minutes, but it was so liberating. That inspiration definitely has to come from within. Something will click and you will look forward to it again.

    • iamjhenny says:

      thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

      yep, the thing about it…the moment i stopped, i lost momentum, then eventually, the urge.

      ‘much like a cycle, now that my mind is telling me to “go for it”, the challenge is the other part of me.

      hoping for the best for the both of us! 🙂

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