when darth vader ruled the field

DAY 38 – 

364 days past 2011, I witnessed one of Subic Clark festive events which starred Darth Vader, no less:

Why...Hello There!

The Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

I was suppose to attend this year’s Balloon Fiesta with my colleagues; but something more important came up, I have to cancel heading North. Oh well… it’s an annual event so I wouldn’t mind to catch next year’s.

(In as much as I would like to linger on the topic, I need to wake up in a couple of hours to cater to that something more important. Time Check? 1226H).

I’ll skip the nitty-gritty details and will just sum up last year’s event: awesome festivity! Great crowd, laid back Saturday afternoon and GO-OR-GEOUS hot air balloons.

Darth Vader and the Paparazzis

(Hel-looooo! Darth Vader was there!)

And So He Leads the Troop...

Need I say more?


qu'est-ce que c'est?

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