my new toy: tinker this, tinker that

DAY 41 –

I haven’t been a huge fan of makeup in my early 20s… or even if I was, I only had three essentials: (1) eyeliner (2) mascara, & (3) bronzer. If you include face powder, the total would be four.

Then came the age of 29.

If my 28th year focused on skin care/ regimen revolution, my 29th leaned towards the “aesthetics”. So to speak, I’m a late bloomer in terms of being kikay or “dainty”. Only last year did I get acquainted with lipsticks, primers, foundations, BB creams, to name a few. (Side note: Alvin doesn’t like it; he’s pro-Au Naturelle, like the rest of man-kind.)

What can I say? My experimental phase was 10 years late. 🙂

Since it was the I’m in the height of my curiosity, I found find myself googling in search of the best makeup brands. Then I came across this:

Urban Decay Naked Palette. Introduced in 2010, this eyeshadow palette is considered a “must-have” for beauty junkies. Most reviews I’ve read were positive, primarily because of the variety of looks it can create with its neutral swatches. It apparently has longer staying power, thanks to the bonus primer. And the shades? Oh-so-richly-pigmented.

How’s that for eyeshadows?! … & don’t get me started with the packaging! First look at it, you’ll notice how the natural velvet exterior is perfectly combined with the words NAKED URBAN DECAY in golden foil! Classy!

(I got stuck in a cave. Next thing I know, I was left behind of women’s gratuitous things.)

In a surprising turn of events, who would imagine I’d own one?!

Turns out that person is my younger sister. A Christmas present from last year, I couldn’t hide my excitement. The only thing now is, I’m faced *all pun intended!* with the challenge of using it.

Hi Naked! Where Do I Begin?

I’m now left with two options: (1) To figure out on my own (2) Seek help from Make up Tutorials on YouTube

Whichever is easier, you reckon? 🙂


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