hot (w)heels

DAY 50 –

Yesternight, as I flipped (again) through US Vogue’s January issue, I came across their Last Look section:

Funny how I never noticed the last page before. In the fashion world, I reckon my act of ignorance would be considered sacrilege! Then again, I’m no fashionista; just an “art aficionado”.

The House of Prada has once more proven itself in the style industry, as they successfully managed to break out from the “ultra-graphic” feminine mode last season. Take note that the brand never went for its total annihilation; after all, femininity plays a big role in being a woman. So all hats off to Miuccia Prada for continuously injecting something new & exciting — like American cars on heels — to the fashion world. Truly, it’s nothing less of  “genius” how iconic male and female symbols a.k.a. ” SHOES +CARS” are perfectly combined to create A fashion statement.

Here are some of their  SS2012 Ad Campaigns:

Prada SS12

Natasha Poly! 🙂

(Notice the Pink skirt? Love.)


For more ad campaigns, check out their site.

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