in a city of 10 million inhabitants…

DAY 52 –

…10 million “or so” inhabitants,  what are the odds  that I would see a flame of the past? Who knew that as I entertained my mother in a mall at the Central Business District, I would see him?

Surprisingly for me, the moment we crossed paths, I never rushed to look back. The what-used-to-be-feelings isn’t there anymore, I had no anxiety to see him at any given moment. Weirder was the fact that despite the instinct that the guy WAS him, I didn’t bother to check whether or not I was right.

Between the two of us, I was the only one aware of his presence. He was with another woman amusingly busy to get his attention. Being his usual self, on the other hand, he was fixated to the attention he was getting. Funny how I never reacted the way I did before — bewildered and hurt. In fact, it was the exact opposite.

To be perfectly blunt? I felt the strangest yet most wonderful feeling of freedom.

Of what sort, you may ask? Freedom from the past — the what-could-have-beens, the hurt and the sappy kind of one-sided drama. This post, after all, is never meant to relive all of it. I’ve tolerated the hurt far too long, I had enough.This is about me facing the aftermath, the wonderful type, of overcoming a love past gone. It is about me having enough courage to go on with my life, be thankful for each day, and appreciate all the blessings God graciously gives.

God has been kind to bless me with the man I want need (and hope) to spend this lifetime with. Presently, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

On begging the question of whether or not my instincts are correct — was it him?

He confirmed in less than 24 hours.

There are no accidents. God’s timing is always perfect. The afternoon incident strengthen my belief in the power of trusting Him. All the questions of whats, whys, hows & whens were answered in an unexpected time.

What has transpired didn’t change anything; on the contrary, it made everything crystal clear-ER:

God is good.

He knows the plans He has for me.

He has blessed me with a gift, a present love, that by His grace I would learn to take care of.


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