quick bite

DAY 87 –

One of the best things living in the heart of Manila? Available street food in “almost” every corner.

Fish ball, Manila style

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circa 1989

DAY 87 –

Saturday afternoon movie:

all time classic

I like the fact that most of the movies you want to watch are readily available on line.

Now off to an afternoon walk to pay the bills, buy some necessities and clear my head.

new profession?

DAY 86 –

My co-photographer posted this on his site:

Looky-looky, what do we have here? 🙂

I haven’t had any formal teaching in make-up artistry. However, I have been drawn with the pigments of eyeshadows and lipsticks as of late. So to satisfy my curiosity for “beauty”, I subjected myself to research online. I can’t recall the exact date wherein my curiosity triggered. But when “the day” came, I officially am a (late) make-up bloomer — a girl fascinated with the rich colors of cosmetics & how it helps enhance — alter even– an image for photo shoots.

Above is an example of a look we managed to pull off: the natural look. This is one of the three models I’ve temporarily painted colors on during the course of the shoot. Hey, it’s not much — but I’m glad it came out fine. C’est magnifique. 

Happy (amateur) make-up enthusiast here!