Brie de Meaux

DAY 68 –

Ever since my mom’s visit (alongside other relatives and cousins), I haven’t been going out with friends. The three weeks or so vacation has given me an excuse to have 100% quality time with my family. After so, last night marked my first reunion with my buddies.

And what better way to kick it off but with some sparkly (non-alcoholic), crackers and (ACK!) brie?!

Source: Wikipedia

I got acquainted with “brie” not so long ago (or maybe longer, I just didn’t know) when my friends and I availed of a hotel buffet somewhere in Fort. The delectable cheese from France proved to be “soft, creamy and just about ‘right'” for my taste. Ever since, I got hooked.

So when a friend invited me for a wine party (ironically, we don’t drink wine, but chamdor), how could I not bring brie to pair with it?

Sunday afternoon, Alvin and I made a quick stop to the supermarket to buy me some cheese. There were a lot of choices — French, Dutch, Danish and Australian. I was torn between French and Australian cheeses; in the end, I had to pick Australian — a midrange brie worth trying. My verdict?

It didn’t disappoint. It was a perfect match with the crackers and the soda.

That and all the catching up with friends. After two months, I sure did miss them.



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