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DAY 86 –

My co-photographer posted this on his site:

Looky-looky, what do we have here? 🙂

I haven’t had any formal teaching in make-up artistry. However, I have been drawn with the pigments of eyeshadows and lipsticks as of late. So to satisfy my curiosity for “beauty”, I subjected myself to research online. I can’t recall the exact date wherein my curiosity triggered. But when “the day” came, I officially am a (late) make-up bloomer — a girl fascinated with the rich colors of cosmetics & how it helps enhance — alter even– an image for photo shoots.

Above is an example of a look we managed to pull off: the natural look. This is one of the three models I’ve temporarily painted colors on during the course of the shoot. Hey, it’s not much — but I’m glad it came out fine. C’est magnifique. 

Happy (amateur) make-up enthusiast here!


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