mellow yellows

DAY 97 –

I’m such a sucker for flowers, thanks to Dangwa for literally being steps away from home. Last Good Friday, for no apparent reason, I decided to stop by to buy some roses. Yellow ones.

April 7 | 107am

Carefully placed in a vase, I took them to my bedside table. I like the idea that other than myself, there’s also something (like flowers) that needs air & water to live. There’s something therapeutic about such beauties that never seizes to fail, I decided to document its “life for what it is”.

Eight hours later, to my surprise, it went full bloom. I was all smiles upon waking up to these:

April 7 | 1006am

Stop and Smell the Flowers

For a dozen, I got these beauties for P100 (roughly USD2.50) — which I normally wouldn’t on Valentines’, Mother’s Day & All Souls’. I love buying flowers randomly! Or better yet, during Holy Week, when majority of people are out of town. 😀


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