oh paris, mon paris!

DAY 99 –

Bonjour Paris!

It has always been my dream to go to Paris since I started working (Do the math!) — I long to reach the highest peak of the Eiffel Tower, to visit the ever-famous Louvre museum, & to immerse myself with Parisian art, fashion, architecture and yes, even le macaron au Ladureé. There’s something enchanting about the place… the consistency of the great images featured by the media gives me enough reason to include Paris in my Places to See (& Be) Before I Die.

As proof of my sincere intention to reach my “dream destination” I studied basic French (and almost forgotten it!) three years ago. For me, to learn their language is something of a ritual, a part of igniting my drive to someday land my happy place.

Obviously, I have never been there…YET. But to have this clock (given by my mom) to check on a daily basis, I won’t complain. Hopefully and God willing, the wait will be worth it.

After all, there’s such a thing as perfect timing (all pun intended!)


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