the new owner must be proud

DAY 102 –

On-going renovation of a dormitory building right across my granny’s place… thankfully:

I may not be an architect nor an engineer, but my family members are and yes, I reckon my inner “artist” speaks. I can appreciate art beyond museums and exhibits. This. Just. Isn’t:

Do What you Gotta' Do 🙂

No offense to the previous owner, but the former look, aesthetic-wise, was quite “hurried” and such a sight for sore eyes. Heck, it wasn’t even completed! My sincere apologies if someday you’ll come across this, but truly, it was. I’m crossing fingers this time (and it looks like it), the new owner invests in its functionality and aesthetics. 

I’m just not sure about the safety of the workers though; I don’t see any protective gear. AT ALL.

I hope they do something about it.


qu'est-ce que c'est?

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