pasta piece

Kids can get away with (almost) everything. And when I say everything, that includes food. Take a look at this one:

My Niece's Specialty

An  average adult mind couldn’t exactly comprehend why a kid would want to top her pasta with Koko Krunch & parmesan cheese; if logic is what you look for, you simply wouldn’t find it here. Oh no, you wouldn’t!

…& that’s the nice thing about it — as part of her family, my average adult mind couldn’t care less. Not at all. If you ask me, I like how my niece’s creativity manifests in the food she eats, among many other little things. So what if this isn’t exactly the “leafy greens” we’re talking about? All that matters is the happiness she attains when eating it.

(Alongside her glass of milk, of course.)


qu'est-ce que c'est?

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