absolutely dapper

As life finds me on a monotonous phase and quite disoriented as of late, it always is nice to have a Hollywood eye candy around:

Source: Downey Unlimited (I wish I took this shot! Hah!)

Robert Downey Jr.’s performance in Avengers was remarkable, I’m at loss for words. His role was downplayed, not in a bad way, but more so to give emphasis on the essence of their team. I read a lot of articles, reviews in particular, wherein majority of the critics gave positive remarks about the film. Having seen it firsthand, I must agree.

But I digress.

I first noticed Downey Jr back in high school….which I proudly admit to be  _?_teen years ago. 🙂 I was hooked watching Ally McBeal and obviously, his portrayal as Larry Paul made the show even better. Despite his superb performance in the show, he was inevitably fired due to his drug battle. The news has made me sad, knowing Larry was perfect for Ally. 

Though the news has left me disappointed, it didn’t let me lose my respect for him as an actor. Thus, being a nosy little “fangirl” that I was, I started doing research and watched his old flicks (i.e. Weird Science, Chances Are, Chaplin). All throughout, you can see his evolution as an actor… and my life has never been the same. (Hah! At least in terms of my standards for Hollywood actors, that is.)

Years later, he made a major comeback. Honestly? It didn’t surprise me. Given the right kind of role and thankfully, a strong support system from his wife and family, he was able to expand his audience. He turned his back from drugs which earned him “greater” respect, knowing that as a human, he was able to rise from the fall.

And again, my life has never been the same. This time, in terms of how humans, actors or not, can always have a second chance.

One of Hollywood’s Best Actors proved it. I hope he stays on the right direction.

DAY 121


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