think pink

So the inner “kikay” in me beckons. I suddenly crave for a pink lipstick.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not quite over with the bloody red phase of lipsticks (Sorry, Alvin!). But one of those areas that are yet to be tapped, lipstick-wise, is the pink color. Not just blush or timid pink — I want the LOOK AT ME, I’M ELECTRIFYINGLY PINK!-kind-of-shade.

That said, I went on with my  usual research (I never barge into specialty stores without doing so!) and found out the picture perfect brand for me: NARS. I went to MAC site as well; but quite surprisingly, I’m leaning towards the former. Based on the reviews (and texture), I’m opting for a semi-matte type (classified as satin if it’s MAC) — which NARS apparently offers.

I have narrowed down my search into two shades of (ELECTRIFYINGLY!) pink:

(…whose lipstick name, by the way, reminds me of Audrey Hepburn‘s movie of the same title!)

Not Your Ordinary Pink!

The next choice would be this…

If you think odd of the lipstick name, I have a trivia for you (thank God for internet!): François named this shade of pink after Elsa Schiaparelli, a legendary Italian designer famous for her bright pinks. Her significance in the fashion industry was once more manifested via Anne Wintour no less, thanks to the recent 2012 Met Gala:

Paying homage to this hand painted gown by Schiaparelli:

Before I start jumping over to fashion, dresses, and MET Gala — YES! The debate still stands:



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