focus group-ies!

Invited to participate in a focus group discussion, I expected mingling with strangers to discuss & share opinions over a certain topic…a part of marketing research if you will. (Of what the research is about, I cannot tell for now.) The forum was held at the Linden Suites hotel approximately 5-ish in the afternoon. I got there at 4:45pm, giving me fifteen minutes to relax and order snacks while waiting for the other participants.

Ten minutes or so after my arrival, I was surprised to see in the room entrance a familiar face: Aaron! A UST CFAD alumnus, classmate, friend and colleague of my other friend, he is well-known as the man behind Wild Wires .

A Visionary & Wire Extraordinaire, this up and coming Accessory Designer uses wires, copper and semi-precious stones for his primary materials. He is very passionate about his craft, it easily translates in his collection. He can also customize pieces according to client specifications, it’s no surprise that even specialty stores are now taking notice!

His products range from head accessories (example as shown above) to rings, necklaces and bracelets. Aside from which, he is also engaged in Events Styling,  an area wherein he integrates classy ornaments to giveaways and packaging. Such a multi-talented person, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him showcase his pieces in Philippine (and International) Fashion Week!

A lot of catching up was done after our participation in the marketing research. Thanks to the sudden (heavy) downpour of rain, it gave us enough time to hang out at Mondo’s. His story is inspiring, I’m left in awe  — from how he started & went for a risky move to how things are continuously turning up for him. All of these for the sake of pursuing his passion and fulfilling his dreams.

Sure enough, I look forward to his next collection. To Aaron, till our next “bumped into each other”!

For more of his pieces, click here.


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