just landed

06 January 2010/ 06 Janvier 2010

Two years ago, I had the audacity to travel alone. In a span of two days traveling both Hongkong and Macau, I felt that it was reasonable amount of time to “reconnect” with myself, and the things I want in my life back then. A sense of tranquility and peace welcomed me as I landed on rainy Manila, as the experience brought enough lessons to somehow make it through things that were unfamiliar.

I don’t mind traveling alone again. In fact, I MISS IT.

The idea of being foreign, of connecting with strangers (sans the countless dangers out there, as most would say) and the sense of hope that things will be okay — moreso wonderful — are priceless things that matter to me. To defy the notion a society has on a certain place, that’s one thing I long for. To know that despite the language (dialect) barriers, you can still communicate with others; after all, we are human.

But to exactly when that day will be, I cannot tell. As months passed by, some things have changed, there are other priorities to take note of. It might not be soon…or it just might be. I’m not certain; however, one thing I’m sure of is that I will never give up the idea of traveling again. And again.

Life is too short to get stuck with a familiar ground, don’t you think?

DAY 130


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