reality bites

My grandmother is currently in a CVU (Cardio Vascular Unit) around 7am today due to a mild heart attack. I visited her this afternoon, and thank God, she is coping. She responds when I ask questions/ talk, and ate the bowl of soup I bought for her — all of which are positive signs. In the course of two hours of my stay there, a resident doctor checked on her thrice, nurses come in and out to monitor her blood pressure, a priest went in to give her an anointing, and her official doctor advised she needs blood transfusion.

One of our conversation includes her dream about my grandfather. My grandfather died for more than ten years now, and in accordance to her dream, my grandfather is leading her to the “light”. She was resisting in the dream, and the next thing she knew, she’s in the CVU. I told her that next time Lolo (grandfather) tags her, to decline his offer and tell him she still needs to be in my (hopefully) wedding and see the rest of my cousins. She also was asking for my second older brother, as the resident doctor reminded her of my sibling. She said he looks exactly like her grandson… then told a story of how my brother was attentive to her needs during her visit in U.S.

This is one of those days that you get sucked in the reality that health is precious, life even more. My grandmother is already 88 years old, and that’s more than enough blessing as she has seen her grandchildren grow… and witness her grandchildren’s children in their formative years. We, her family, are hoping God will still grant her more years to witness life’s miracles.

My grandmother is a “fighter”, a faithful devotee and a generous woman to those who are in need, that in my point of view, sometimes get abused by others. I hope God will hear our prayers, in line with His will, that another chance for life — a speedy recovery — will be given to her.