what do you see?

Taken the eve before my grandmother’s burial, exactly eighteen days ago.

Did you see the angel?

2012  © Alvin Altura

No digital manipulations, yet to be clear, the lighting inside the funeral home gave the illusion of an angel. I’m glad, however, that this will be one of the photos that will forever remember my late grandmother (alongside our late grandfather) as God’s dearly heaven-sent (s). True enough, they were angels God has perpetrated in our family’s lives.

That alone is a miracle.

I cannot give a tribute worthy enough for what God has done for our family. Sure, our clan has different perspectives, views (beliefs, even) but at the end of the day, love reigns. I can only hope that us descendants will remain the tradition of family, and believing that everything we own is nothing without giving glory to Christ.

We are all moving on, dear grandparents. But we thought you should know how we will never forget that you were (and still are) blessings from God.

Have fun in heaven!

1 Corinthians 2:9

However, as it is written:

“What no eye has seen,
what no ear has heard,
and what no human mind has conceived”[a]
the things God has prepared for those who love him—1

the prepster

How soon is NOW?!

 Yesterday, I mentioned something about a photoshoot — a word I overuse in this blog that I should start thinking of another name for it. Like star power, vanity shots, or something to that effect. If you know something more interesting or catchy, let me know!

One of my models, like mentioned in my previous post, is a co-photographer, a colleague and a friend. I couldn’t stress enough how much he has grown as a “photographer”, I couldn’t help but pray for his success. Don’t believe me? Check his website here.

So imagine the pressure of taking his photos! Hah. I’m relieved that out of the hundreds of frames I took, he was able to select a handful. Cheeri-o!

Without further ado, here’s Patrick as an official part of my People Portrait Series:

There were two concepts executed during our yesterday’s shoot; however, I’m starting with this one. During one of our brainstorms, I wanted him to get out of his shell. Being a rocker/ quirky man that he is, I challenged him to do “The Prepster”. I don’t know about you guys, but I think he was able to pull it off. Way to go, Pat!

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travel light

Had a photoshoot today to keep my mind off things. It was fun, considering how much I want to know more about lighting.

Oh my fascination of lights!

Why is that so? For obvious reasons that lighting is a vital section of photography — its heart to be accurate – as it creates the mood of the whole image you want to capture.

Thus, I’m pressing on. 

I’m glad there were a couple of nice shots that came out from our shoot today. Mind you, I’m not posting my “model*” just yet; for the meantime, let me show you one of the props used this afternoon:

If only bikes could fly, I’d be some place called “not here”.

A teaser of more photos to come, eh?!


*A friend/ colleague/ co-photographer who is gradually gaining recognition in the field. I won’t be surprised to see his name one day in fashion magazines. 🙂

last chance diner

10 pm last night, expecting no good movie to watch on cable, I’m glad I flipped my regular channel to Daystar TV.

It’s a modern take on Jesus, & how He makes a personal appearance to five strangers — each different from the other. The plot is simple and direct: Jesus wants  us to be in a relationship with Him, not just here and now, but moreso in the afterlife. Christian or non-christian may find this beyond entertaining as it will ignite the idea that  Jesus does exist.

For the most part of the movie, the story took place in Last Chance Diner. The conversations, discussions, debates even, of Jesus and the strangers took place in a mystical diner that never existed for years, as townspeople believed. Initially, I thought it to be “preachy”… until I stay tuned long enough and realized otherwise. Most of the conversation are relatable and at one point, struck me on my relationship with Him these days.

A definite eye-opener to those who doubt, those who believe, and those who still believe but somehow faltered in doing so along the way.

Here’s the movie trailer: