travel light

Had a photoshoot today to keep my mind off things. It was fun, considering how much I want to know more about lighting.

Oh my fascination of lights!

Why is that so? For obvious reasons that lighting is a vital section of photography — its heart to be accurate – as it creates the mood of the whole image you want to capture.

Thus, I’m pressing on. 

I’m glad there were a couple of nice shots that came out from our shoot today. Mind you, I’m not posting my “model*” just yet; for the meantime, let me show you one of the props used this afternoon:

If only bikes could fly, I’d be some place called “not here”.

A teaser of more photos to come, eh?!


*A friend/ colleague/ co-photographer who is gradually gaining recognition in the field. I won’t be surprised to see his name one day in fashion magazines. 🙂


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