the prepster

How soon is NOW?!

 Yesterday, I mentioned something about a photoshoot — a word I overuse in this blog that I should start thinking of another name for it. Like star power, vanity shots, or something to that effect. If you know something more interesting or catchy, let me know!

One of my models, like mentioned in my previous post, is a co-photographer, a colleague and a friend. I couldn’t stress enough how much he has grown as a “photographer”, I couldn’t help but pray for his success. Don’t believe me? Check his website here.

So imagine the pressure of taking his photos! Hah. I’m relieved that out of the hundreds of frames I took, he was able to select a handful. Cheeri-o!

Without further ado, here’s Patrick as an official part of my People Portrait Series:

There were two concepts executed during our yesterday’s shoot; however, I’m starting with this one. During one of our brainstorms, I wanted him to get out of his shell. Being a rocker/ quirky man that he is, I challenged him to do “The Prepster”. I don’t know about you guys, but I think he was able to pull it off. Way to go, Pat!

Below are some outtakes for this particular theme:

Location: Rivera Studio, Manila


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