In-between June and July, I must say a lot has happened:

1. My maternal grandmother (bless her soul) passed away.

2. My family and cousins from all over the place flew to see my grandma, and stayed by her side until her last breath.

3. Two of my colleagues, pioneer batch, has resigned. Despite such, some “cool, new” changes came in for our Manila team.

4. My dad and my little brother had a 3-week visit in Manila. That, and they met my boss. 🙂

5. I went to Palawan with my cheery and fun friends.

I cannot get into further details (on some items). But as it is, the past two months has been a series of highs-and-lows. There are days I question my capacity on how much more can I take; there are some days I feel I can conquer it all.

Yet at the end of the day, as spiritual as it sounds to be, I only need my God to get by.

Beginning this week, I’ll be sitting in a different office, if only for a short time. There are some things to be taken care of in our previous office location; thus, the move. But somehow, it feels like a transition from the old… the past and on to something new. On to moving forward.

Who knows what the future bring? Who, other than the God I believe? But that topic is for another day, and I’m just grateful for  this next stage in my life.

2012, you, so far, has been the most eventful year I had…in years.