Today started with the intention to jog after work. Then unexpected things happen:

a. Rush hour traffic blues

Schedule to run didn’t come out as supposed to. Still, I have hope that I would makeup for it by rounding the University ground past my 30 minutes’ schedule. I didn’t mind.

b. Rain poured soon as I got home.

My run-around-the-campus got spoiled by rain. I had my second and third options, respectively: to do arm exercise, and/ or target the abs. Indoor workout works just fine. But as soon as I got into my exercise gear, my brother and I found out the next one….

c. THIS:

Document Papers’ WORST Nightmare.

Seriously, how can this day get any worse? Important documents of all sorts, sloppy wet inside an eerie and “starting to mold” suitcase. From the looks of it, I can only pinpoint the August 7 incident without us knowing it’s subtle attack…on the papers. Apparently, there’s a leak  in the corner of the ceiling I was not aware of. We are not aware of. No manifestation whatsoever so this is obviously a “witty” tactic of a “No-Name Flood” (which really sucks, by the way.)

C’est la vie. 

Game plan is to restore/ dry all the indispensable papers. I can make an art craft from all these papers hanging and lounging in my room!

Enough ranting now, I turned on the A/C hoping that by the time I wake up tomorrow, the papers are already dry.

angel of music

Sunday afternoon lounge:

I purposely watched the film, if only to downplay my desire to watch the actual thing. Ever since my cousins introduced me to the wonderful world of “musical” (Wicked in Melbourne, circa 2008), my life has never been the same. Theatre has always been a benchmark of one’s acting career, IMHO. It all is surreal— how the actors and actresses perform live, and in the process, build a more personal connection with its audience.

Soon as I’ve heard they are playing in CCP Manila, I always thought of going (they made an announcement early this year). I still do. But months have passed, and here I am still without a ticket. Talk about willpower, huh?

I really want to watch. Will I ever get to?

Phantom of the Opera will be staged at the CCP Main Theatre from August 25 to September 30. Tickets are available via Ticketworld.

The Phantom of the Opera comes to Manila

3 April, 2012

MANILA, 2nd April 2012:  The world’s most successful and popular musical, and the longest-running show on Broadway – THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA -will be staged in Manila for a strictly limited season from 25 August 2012 at the CCP Main Theatre.  Tickets go on sale on Monday 19 March to Smart and Citibank clients prior to going on public sale on 1 May, and are expected to be highly sought after.