water from the sky

Rain has been pouring non-stop for the past few days. News has it that typhoon Gener (Int’l Name: Saola) has officially landed in Taiwan, leaving only rain caused by the southwest wind.

Trickling by the Car Window

I’m not keen of typhoons, I don’t even think anyone likes it either (except maybe for students, and all for the wrong reasons!); however, rain is another thing. At some point, it exudes an aura of nostalgia & serenity — you see, there’s something about the water pouring down from the sky. And the cooling effect it brings for a tropical country such as ours? Priceless.

I used to like summer better. Truthfully, I’d still prefer summer only if I’m residing near the beach. But a city girl that I am, rainy seasons are very much preferred. Besides, this is the time of the season wherein jackets finally manage to get out of my closet. And if caught in the mood for fashion, boots, too.

qu'est-ce que c'est?

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