after the 30-hour workday. or days.

First time to be saying that, and again, it still feels weird. A 30-hr shift is something beyond imagining, let alone experience! I’m just glad that I, along with two of my colleagues, made it!

I’m happy to say I arrived home safely this morning. I rode two railway transits, all conditioned that I (alongside my neighbor) will be threading the dreary flooded streets of Manila. To our surprise, there was none.

None until we were two blocks away from home, then started our nightmare: to walk the flood of the unknown (creatures). Then I imagine Puerto Palawan’s shore. For TEN MINUTES. Then I arrived home.

Our house was not flooded the moment I arrived. All I witnessed was the aftermath, filled with (happily) relieved faces of my family. Most cleaning was done and suffice to say, my nieces and nephew were excited to finally step on the dry ground of the house. This was the instance wherein my camera would be very much of use; but I left it somewhere safe for the meantime that our house isn’t necessarily flood-proof.

12 hours later, I woke up and here I am, documenting what transpired before I landed Dreamville. The rain, monsoon, or whatever miserable name we call it, remains unpredictable. The moment I went downstairs, I was surprised to the cold water my left foot felt upon hitting the ground floor: FLOOD has its own way to make itself “trending” here in Manila.


This ordeal, literally, drains the life out of everyone. Good thing Filipinos always has its way of bringing the “positive” out of the bad things happening around them. And that thought sure pays forward.

I still love rain. But this? Quite sad and unfortunate, most especially for the large-scale of Filipinos severely affected. My family and I are, too. But to compare it to what we are seeing and hearing on the news, ours is on the “no-biggie” phase. I just hope flooding will go away soon.

Meanwhile, here’s one of the photos I took inside our temporary quarters, while waiting for outside to be safe:

Framing Safety


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