my baby’s first trip

In lieu of my “baby’s” upcoming 4th birthday, let’s have a trip to memory lane.

September 2008, I had plans to set my foot, once again, to the Land Down  Under. This time, however,  I made sure I was ready and able… to take pictures, of course! So a month ahead of my trip, my dear parents gave me my early Christmas gift: my first ever DSLR, my baby Nikon D60! It’s not much if you compare it to other PRO cameras, but for what it’s worth, I thank Nikon for giving me a good head start, photography-wise. I still use it and I like it!

Going back to my photo library, I found this image which relived memories of staying in Australia for three weeks. I, along with my high school friend, were picked up by family and we stayed overnight in a hotel (I forgot the name). I was about to doze off my bed, but decided to take a photo from the hotel window. I liked it. The view was nice: city lights, empty streets, people walking, and probably a woman staring at me across my window (saw it?!).

I hope next time (aka visit), I’ll fully load my “baby” with more pictures to “relive”, to look back to, in the years to come.


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