pre-underground river tour

July 21, 2012 (Saturday) 6am –  Rainy as it was, my travel companions and I were on our way to the port en route the Underground RiverWe were suppose to go to the said destination a day before, but the trip got cancelled due to the strong waves. Thus, not safe to embark.

Friday night, we were praying hard for the itinerary to push through. After all, the primary purpose of our trip to Palawan was to “experience” one of this year’s Seven Wonders. Imagine our excitement when we got a last-minute (2-hour or less!) notice that we are pushing through! It felt like we were candidates of the Amazing Race as most tourists’ plans got cancelled on Friday, too! Obviously, many were anxious to bag an early slot while the South China sea is travel-safe.

A Fraction of the Tourists. They just kept pouring in.

All these Boats are “Underground River” Bound!

Thankfully, our van driver was a Pro! He gracefully overtook five vans and we arrived earlier than the rest. Well, not that early…but so to speak, we were one of the “earlier” batches who snagged a great time slot.

Below are some pictures while waiting for our embarkment (and you thought I’d post the photos from the Underground itself!):

Turtle Rock. Not sure what this is exactly called, but sure looks like one!

3 Boats on Queue

A Ladybug dropped by on My Hat 🙂

Stone Formation. Just Lovely!

Mountain Frame

Do You See Him Sleeping?

Excited to Witness the Wonder!

More Photos. SOON.




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