underground river, part one

Highlight of my last month’s trip with friends —

Palawan’s Underground River!

You heard me yak about it in this blog a million times! So…here we go!!


I. In a Nutshell

We reached our destination around 9am or so.  As the crowd thickens, we were glad that there were a lot of boats and tourist guides to assist us in our journey. Nature kept us entertained with its charm; I tried to capture every bit of it while we wait for our turn to get inside the cave.

Enough stalling. First, let me show you the photos I came up with:

First batch of tourists I saw upon arrival at the place

This huge tree gave enough amount of shade while waiting.

Alert! Cute kid staring. I had to take his photo.

Of “helmets” and life jackets. Another batch on the way in.

Splendidly beautiful would be an understatement, so to speak, in describing what I saw & experience inside. The mystic cave, along with its underground river, has formed such wonderful rock formations, of which I still am in awe as I think about it. Encased in pitch black darkness, you definitely need a bright light to see what’s underneath… and a PRO camera to capture “every bit of detail” that lies inside.

Finally, OUR TURN!

Our batch

Marvelous Formation. Wait till you see what’s inside…


Total Darkness. This is WHY you need a HUGE amount of light.

Something fishy? Or Phantom-y, perhaps?

A Natural World Heritage Site

Travel Companions

In the 30-minute duration of our Underground River trip, I thought to myself, “I seriously need to get a new body”. Not for me, but for my lens. The cave was so dark, we only had one source of light — and that’s from the boatman-slash-tourist guide who made one of my travel companions in-charge of pointing the light to whatever direction he was saying.

I got a couple of average shots, but someday, maybe I’ll be back and “armed” with some higher form of gadget to capture (once more) its beauty.

To be continued...

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