j-android and the sidekicks

One of those days wherein my camera and I was there to capture the moment:

(…and yes, they were having a pyjama party!)


hwee xuan

Hwee Xuan and I met through common friends who are also travel companions. (Six degrees of separation comes in the picture!) She is a fashion enthusiast who currently translates it via WhiteDivine, a boutique store located in Singapore. There are loads of photos, but here’s my favorite one:

Simple & sassy tropical get-up.

city of dreams

More night lights.

2012 © Alvin Sydney Altura

City of Dreams, Macau’s premiere entertainment hub, has three hotels namely: Hard Rock Hotel, Crown Towers Hotel and Grand Hyatt Towers.

Due to time constraint, my travel companions and I weren’t able to check out the hotels. However, these came out pretty good so I can only imagine what their interiors look like. Primary reason why I took these photos was for someone’s portfolio (who took part in building this project).

Did I tell you how I love the combination of night and lights? A challenge for photography but sooo worth it.